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Shock your car with certified electrical repair

Almost every vehicle in today's society is operated by multiple electrical systems. Don't try a quick fix to prevent your car's electrical problems. Trust the certified professionals at Butler's Auto Repair to ensure a safe trip for your family time and time again.

Pesky dashboard lights annoying you?

Nobody enjoys driving down the highway with a check engine or low oil light distracting them. Give yourself peace of mind, knowing you are driving down the road in a safe automobile. Our certified professionals will accurately diagnose and treat your car, van, or truck's electrical problems today!

Ignorance is bliss

This is a true statement in certain situations, but not with your vehicle! If your starter, alternator or battery are causing you problems, they need to be checked immediately! Your car will promptly enter our service center and the root of the problem will be fixed before major damage occurs.

Electrical | Chula Vista, California | Butler's Auto Repair | 619-427-6922

For professional, ASE certified electrical repair
or replacement stop in or call now!


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